Research on Cluster Analysis Method of E-government Public Hotspot Information Based on Web Log Analysis

Suozhu Wang, Jianlin Zhang, Fuze Yang, Jia Ye


To master the hotspot information of E-government public opinion macroscopically, and so that the government can provide more target-oriented information and services for the public. A method for calculating the public concern degree of E-government public opinion is proposed in this paper. In this method, two indices that can reflect the hotspot information of public opinion to a certain degree are calculated through the web log mining, the attention degree of the information through the weighting computation to find the hotspot problems that the public cared about in a certain period of time. A fuzzy cluster analysis method that can find hotspot problems is presented in this paper. And an illustrative example is given to describe the clustering process.


public hotspot information,web log analysis, cluster analysis, e-government

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