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Special Issue: Agent and Multiagent Systems Design (AMASD)


Building Agent and Multiagent Systems (MAS) that are highly adaptive to the environment is still a challenging task. There are numerous application domains like big data, cloud computing, and Internet-of-Things (IoT), where MAS successfully respond to the emerging demands for system requirements. The present Special Issue proposes to provide a review of innovative and emerging technologies as well as supporting theories for MAS design, verification and simulation. Papers should address theoretical and/or practical issues, and describe solutions for agent centric systems.

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Special Issue: Theory and Applications of Data Mining and Big Data Analytics (DMBDA)


Data mining is an important emerging paradigm for computing in areas including social computing, services, Internet of Things, sensor networks, telecommunications, biology, health-care, and the cloud. As there are still associated challenges in the field of data mining, ranging from data capture, creation, storage, search, sharing, modeling, analysis, and visualization, this Special Issue propounds to bring contributions by recognized experts in the field, which address novel research findings as well as innovative solutions advancing the state-of-the-art in data mining. In this respect, relevant papers on more specific problems are solicited, which should complement the general topic. Papers should either be research papers or surveys that critically compare different approaches and indicate how exposed weaknesses might be overcome.

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