Practical Implications of Real Time Business Intelligence

Dale Rutz, Tara Nelakanti, Nayem Rahman


The primary purpose of business intelligence is to improve the quality of decisions while decreasing the time it takes to make them. Because focus is required on internal as well as external factors, it is critical to decrease data latency, improve report performance and decrease systems resource consumption. This article will discuss the successful implementation of a BI reporting project directly against an OLTP planning solver. The planning solver imports data concerning supply, demand, capacity, bill of materials, inventory and the like. It then uses linear programming to determine the correct product mix to produce at various factories worldwide. The article discusses the challenges faced and a working model in which real-time BI was achieved by providing data to a separate BI server in an innovativeway resulting in decreased latency, reduced resource consumption and improved performance. We demonstrated an alternative approach to hosting data for the BI application separately by loading BI and solver databases at the same time, resulting in faster access to information.


business intelligence, real-time business intelligence, OLTP, data warehouse, planning solver, replication tool

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