Security Enhanced Location-aided Level-based Disjoint Multipath Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Vasudevan Muthupriya, Sathyanarayanan Revathi


In mobile ad hoc networks (MANET), the location-based multipath routing protocols involves less routing overhead compared to non-location-based protocols. This paper proposes two location-based algorithms, Enhanced Location-aided Level-based node Disjoint Multipath routing (ELLDMR) and Secure Location-aided Level-based node Disjoint Multipath routing (SLLDMR), to enhance the link lifetime and the security of the MANET. The objective of ELLDMR is to build multiple paths with non-critical nodes so that the lifetime of the routing path is significantly increased. It also hides the source, destination and path identity in intermediate nodes to avoid intrusion of routing attacks in the routing path. The SLLDMR is an enhancement over ELLDMR where it aims to overcome rushing attack and exhibit secure data transmission using two-level cryptographic processes. The performances of ELLDMR and SLLDMR are simulated using NS2 where it shows a minimum routing overhead, less end to end delay and high packet delivery compared to existing Location-aided Level-based node Disjoint Multipath routing (LLDMR) algorithm and Topology Hiding multipath protocol (TOHIP).


node disjoint multipath, noncritical nodes, link lifetime, routing attacks

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