CBSL - A Compressed Binary String Labeling Scheme for Dynamic Update of XML documents

Dhanalekshmi Gopinathan, Krishna Asawa


The growing volume of XML documents over the Web has increased the need for an efficient mechanism to facilitate query processing. Many labeling schemes have been introduced to optimize data retrieval and query processing on XML database documents. As it is known, labels hold information about XML tree nodes such as their position, their relationship with other nodes and their order, which helps in query processing. Most of the existing labeling schemes support query processing over static XML documents. However, they need to re-label during dynamic update. In this paper a compressed binary string labeling scheme is proposed which supports dynamic update of XML documents without re-labeling existing nodes. Analytical results show that the proposed labeling scheme takes less label size in comparison with other labeling schemes. Also, an experiment has been conducted to evaluate the label generation time as well as update processing.


compressed binary string, dynamic XML update, label size, XML tree, label generation time, update performance, lexicographic order

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