MSSI - Modular Structure of Stochastic Process Information for Power System Control

Juraj Šimunić


The usage of process information in a real-time and out of it is a very comlex but also an important segment of the electric power system automatic control. A model of the process information events of electric power stations is worked out, whereby process information is defined by points in the space. Generation of electric power system process information is a discrete statistical phenomenon. In the paper both the space of elementary events and the space of electric power system probabilites process information are presented on the level of components as well as on the level of the whole system. The process information group with n-dimensional random values is described, and then a method of transforming the n-dimensional random values into one dimensional space is presented by the function D. This procedure enables process information set to be modularly defined as random values, and the model is used for the computer calculation of process events restoring times.


process information, real-time

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