Application of Deformable Models in Orthopaedic Surgery Planning

J. M. Pardo, F. Vilarino, M. J. Carreira, R. Turnes, D. Cabello, J. Heras, J. Couceiro


Total knee replacement (TKR) is a surgical procedure used by orthopaedic surgeons. It requires an adequate preoperative planning. Several parameters involved in this planning are usually obtained by manually measuring on radiographic images (91.44 cm cassette for alignment film in weight bearing stance). We have devised a system which makes it possible to automate the measurements. It automatically finds the cortical bone internal and external contours from full femur and tibia. Detection of bone boundaries is achieved using active contours. The snake is initialized with the interactive definition of a poligonal contour on the radiographic image. From the obtained contours, the parameters can be easily derived. The system speeds up the measuring processes and eliminates subjectivity.


medical images, active contours, orthopaedics, total knee replacement (TKR)

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