Liveness and Reachability Analysis of BPMN Process Models

Anass Rachdi, Abdeslam En-Nouaary, Mohamed Dahchour


Business processes are usually defined by business experts who require intuitive and informal graphical notations such as BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) for documenting and communicating their organization activities and behavior. However, BPMN has not been provided with a formal semantics, which limits the analysis of BPMN models to using solely informal techniques such as simulation. In order to address this limitation and use formal verification, it is necessary to define a certain “mapping” between BPMN and a formal language such as Concurrent Sequential Processes (CSP) and Petri Nets (PN). This paper proposes a method for the verification of BPMN models by defining formal semantics of BPMN in terms of a mapping to Time Petri Nets (TPN), which are equipped with very efficient analytical techniques.
After the translation of BPMN models to TPN, verification is done to ensure that some functional properties are satisfied by the model under investigation, namely liveness and reachability properties. The main advantage of our approach over existing ones is that it takes into account the time components in modeling Business process models. An example is used throughout the paper to illustrate the proposed method.

ACM CCS (2012) Classification: Applied computing → Enterprise computing → Business process management → Business process modeling

*To cite this article: A. Rachdi et al., "Liveness and Reachability Analysis of BPMN Process Models", CIT. Journal of Computing and Information Technology, vol. 24, no. 2, pp. 195–207, 2016.


business process modeling, BPMN, Time Petri Nets, V&V, algorithm, distributed systems

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