SDL-Based Automatic Test Generation for GSM Services

Aleš Švigelj, Marjeta Frey-Pučko, Gorazd Kandus


The paper introduces automatic test scenario generation for GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) services. The first step of the test scenario generation, which cannot be fully automated, is to create an SDL (Specification and Description Language) description of a GSM service. We propose a methodology for transforming an informal service description to an SDL specification. The form and contents of the resulting specification are adapted to the properties of the test derivation method. The next three steps of the test scenario generation are abstraction of an EFSM (Extended Finite State Machine) to a FSM (Finite State Machine), generation of test sequences and translation to TTCN (Tree and Tabular Combined Notation). These steps are completely automated in the tool iATS. The process of the automatic test scenario generation is illustrated by the example of test scenario generation for the GSM call setup.


telecommunication software engineering, conformance testing, automatic test generation, SDL specification, GSM

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