The Dark Web: Cyber-Security Intelligence Gathering Opportunities, Risks and Rewards

Gregory Epiphaniou, Tim French, Carsten Maple


We offer a partial articulation of the threats and opportunities posed by the so-called Dark Web (DW). We go on to propose a novel DW attack detection and prediction model. Signalling aspects are considered wherein the DW is seen to comprise a low cost signaling environment. This holds inherent dangers as well as rewards for investigators as well as those with criminal intent. Suspected DW perpetrators typically act entirely in their own self-interest (e.g. illicit financial gain, terrorism, propagation of extremist views, extreme forms of racism, pornography, and politics; so-called ‘radicalisation’). DWinvestigators therefore need to be suitably risk aware such that the construction of a credible legally admissible, robust evidence trail does not expose investigators to undue operational or legal risk.


dark web, predictive model, signalling

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