Evaluation of Emission Factors for New Technology S. I. Euro 4 Cars

Giovanni Meccariello, Livia Della Ragione, Maria Antonietta Costagliola, Maria Vittoria Prati


This research attempted to analyze the environmental impact of two available non-conventional vehicle technologies, highlighting the benefits in terms of emissions and fuel consumption reduction with respect to conventional vehicles. Moreover, tests were compared with predicted emissions of the conventional gasoline technology provided by the kinematic model developed. Results show that cold start strongly affects the emissions of CO, THC and NOX, which become very low during hot driving cycle. The existing emission model cannot be used to obtain a satisfactory prediction for hybrid car. But it could be proved that KEM emission model allows us to predict emission factor for conventional car and compressed natural gas. However, it is concluded that new experimental campaign with new technological cars might be interesting for future model developments.


hybrid car, CNG car, exhaust emission factors, emission model

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.2498/cit.1002100

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