Advanced Visualization and Interaction Systems for Surgical Pre-operative Planning

Lucio Tommaso De Paolis, Marco Pulimeno, Giovanni Aloisio


The visualization of 3D models of the patient’s body emerges as a priority in surgery. In this paper two different visualization and interaction systems are presented: a virtual interface and a low cost multi-touch screen. The systems are able to interpret in real-time the user’s movements and can be used in the surgical pre-operative planning for the navigation and manipulation of 3D models of the human body built from CT images. The surgeon can visualize both the standard patient information, such as the CT image dataset, and the 3D model of the patient’s organs built from these images. The developed virtual interface is the first prototype of a system designed to avoid any contact with the computer so that the surgeon is able to visualize models of the patient’s organs and to interact with these, moving the finger in the free space. The multi-touch screen provides a custom user interface developed for doctors’ needs that allows users to interact, for surgical pre-operative planning purposes, both with the 3D model of the patient’s body built from medical images, and with the image dataset.


User Interface, Medical Imaging, Multi-Touch Screen, Surgical Planning

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