Role of Spectral Peaks in Autocoorelation Domain for Robust Speech Recognition

Poonam Bansal, Amita Dev, Shail Bala Jain


This paper presents a new front-end for robust speech recognition. This new front-end scenario focuses on the spectral features of the filtered speech signals in the autocorrelation domain. The autocorrelation domain is well known for its pole preserving and noise separation properties. In this paper we will use the autocorrelation domain as an appropriate candidate for robust feature extraction. The proposed method introduces a novel representation of speech for the cases where the speech signal is corrupted by additive noises. In this method, the speech features are computed by reducing additive noise effects via an initial filtering stage, followed by the extraction of autocorrelation spectrum peaks. Robust features based on theses peaks are derived by assuming that the corrupting noise is stationary in nature. A task of speaker-independent isolated-word recognition is used to demonstrate the efficiency of these robust features. The cases of white noise and colored noise such as factory, babble and F16 are tested. Experimental results show significant improvement in comparison to the results obtained using traditional front end methods. Further enhancement has been done by applying cepstral mean normalization (CMN) on the above extracted features.

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