Mobile Robot as Physical Agent of Intelligent Space

Drazen Brscic, Hideki Hashimoto


The Intelligent Space is an area (room, public space, etc.) that has networked distributed sensors, which can be used for observing and gathering information from the space. The main objective for the introduction of Intelligent Space is to provide services to humans inside the space. These services can be either informational, such as the ones provided by displays, or physical. In order to be able to provide physical services mobile robots are introduced in the Intelligent Space as actuators. The network of distributed sensors in the space can therefore be utilized to provide data from the space needed for the control of the robot. Here we present our implementation of an Intelligent Space system that uses spatially distributed laser range finders for tracking the mobile robot and humans inside the space and building the map of the space. Based on these measurements the control of mobile robot acting as physical agent of the Intelligent Space is developed.

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