An Investigation into the Use of Net-Conferencing Groupware in Simulation Modelling

Simon J. E. Taylor, Stewart Robinson, John Ladbrook


Simulation modellers are major users of software tools. Advances in computing such as collaborative working tools and distributed technologies have created new possibilities for innovation in simulation modelling. Collectively, we address these as Collaborative Support for Simulation Modelling (CSSM). To contribute to CSSM, we consider the problem of whether or not it is possible to support human-to-human collaboration in simulation modelling through the use of commonly available groupware technology. The paper reviews aspects of human-to-human collaboration in the simulation modelling process and introduces an example of commonly available groupware technology, the net-conferencing groupware tool NetMeeting^R. Results of a survey into the perceived use of NetMeeting^R in simulation and some resulting applications of the net-conferencing tool that have emerged are presented.

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