An Evaluation of the World-Views for the Grab-and-Glue Framework

Tillal Eldabi, Man Wai Lee, Ray J. Paul


Creating simulation models based on the world-views such as the three-phase approach, the event-based approach, the activity-based approach and the processbased approach has been used as a standard practice for several decades. However, it is still not known whether they are suitable to be adopted or not when creating a simulation model by following the Grab-and-Glue framework. Hence, this paper aims at evaluating the suitability of accessing these world-views when building a simulation model based on the Grab-and-Glue framework. After an evaluation is conducted based on the proposed criteria, it is discovered that none of the world-views are suitable to be used. Hence, it is recommended that a new world-view is necessary to be developed for structuring the simulation model which is assembled based on the Grab-and-Glue framework.

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