Polyvalent Parallelizations for Hierarchical Block Matching Motion Estimation

Charalampos G. Konstantopoulos, Andreas I. Svolos, Christos Kaklamanis


Block matching motion estimation algorithms are widely used in video coding schemes. In this paper,we design an efficient hierarchical block matching motion estimation (HBMME) algorithm on a hypercube multiprocessor. Unlike systolic array designs, this solution is not tied down to specific values of algorithm parameters and thus offers increased flexibility. Moreover, the hypercube network can efficiently handle the non regular data flow of the HBMME algorithm. Our techniques nearly eliminate the occurrence of “difficult” communication patterns, namely many-to-many personalized communication, by replacing them with simple shift operations. These operations have an efficient implementation on most of interconnection networks and thus our techniques can be adapted to other networks as well. With regard to the employed multiprocessor we make no specific assumption about the amount of local memory residing in each processor. Instead, we introduce a free parameter S and assume that each processor has O(S) local memory. By doing so, we handle all the cases of modern multiprocessors, that is fine-grained, medium-grained and coarse-grained multiprocessors and thus our design is quite general.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.2498/cit.2000.01.05

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