Short-Term Power Demand Forecasting Using Blockchain-Based Neural Networks Models

Ruohan Wang, Yunlong Chen, Entang Li, Hongwei Xing, Jianhui Zhang, Jing Li


With the rapid development of blockchain technology, blockchain-based neural network short-term power demand forecasting has become a research hotspot in the power industry. This paper aims to combine neural network algorithms with blockchain technology to establish a trustworthy and efficient short-term demand forecasting model. By leveraging the distributed ledger and immutability features of blockchain, we ensure the security and reliability of power demand data. Meanwhile, short-term power demand forecasting research using neural networks has the potential to increase the stability of the power system and offer opportunities for improved operations. In this paper, the root mean-square-error model evaluation indicator was used to compare the back propagation (BP) neural network algorithm and the traditional forecasting algorithm. The evaluation was performed on randomly selected five household power datasets. The results show that, by comparing the long short-term memory network (LSTM) model with the BP neural network model, it was determined that the average prediction impact increases by about 25.7% under stable power demand. The short-term power prediction model of the BP neural network has the average error values more than two times lower than the traditional prediction model. It was shown that the use of the BP neural network algorithm and blockchain could increase the accuracy of short-term power demand forecasting, allowing the neural network-based algorithm to be implemented and taken into account in the research on short-term power demand forecasting.


short-term power demand, BP neural network algorithm, back propagation, long and shortterm memory network, blockchain, root-mean-square error

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