Investigating the Role of Critical Success Factors in Achieving the Success of Agile Projects in the Gaza Strip

Yousef Ahmed Yousef


Achieving project success is a critical element of project management, and identifying the critical success factors (CSFs) that contribute to it is imperative. Agile project management has gained significant attention due to its flexibility, adaptability, and iterative approach, but achieving project success in agile projects remains a challenge. In order to identify the CSFs that have a significant impact on project outcomes, this study examines the role of CSFs in achieving project success in agile projects. A structured online questionnaire was used to collect data from 109 project managers and team members working on agile projects, which was then analyzed using various statistical methods. According to the study's findings, seven factors significantly influence the success of projects: scope and cost management, leadership, agile analytics techniques, customer involvement, teamwork, planning and scheduling, and effective communication, which account for 71.9% of the total variance explained by the CSFs components. The analysis of Pearson correlation coefficients between CSFs and agile project outcomes indicates a positive correlation between each CSF and the four project outcomes (timeliness, cost, quality, and customer satisfaction). The regression analysis includes two significant predictors: scope and cost management, and planning and scheduling, explaining 67.7% of the variation in project outcomes. The findings provide valuable insights for project managers in the Gaza Strip to enhance project success with agile methods by focusing on CSFs.

To cite this article: Y. A. Yousef, “Investigating the Role of Critical Success Factors in Achieving the Success of Agile Projects in the Gaza Strip,” CIT. Journal of Computing and Information Technology, vol. 30, no. 2, pp. 117–137, 2022, doi: 10.20532/cit.2022.1005543.


software project, agile methodology, critical success factors, project outcomes

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