Analysis of Key Factors Influencing Smart Court Development Based on Decision Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory

Jing Min


This paper analyzes the state of the art in the development of smart courts in China since 2016 and explores the factors affecting the development of smart courts in China based on DEcision MAking Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (DEMATEL) and Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM) models. The direct influence relationships between the factors were determined by data extracted from a questionnaire survey. Based on the resulting composite influence matrix, it was deduced that the factors that influence smart court development involve three groups: intrinsic factors, including pre-planning, promotion, network service, and the five main functional systems; transitional factors, including data collection, operation and maintenance, update; and proximate factors, including investment intention, equipment, and monitoring system. Drawing on the conclusion, this paper argues that the development of data collection, equipment, and monitoring system should be the priority in the smart court development, and a benign circulation will be achieved when the five main systems of smart courts are well-established as they can attract talents, investment, and other important factors.


Smart court, DEMATEL, ISM, influencing factors

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