A Review of Software Reliability Testing Techniques

Zhouxian Jiang, Honghui Li, Dalin Zhang, Rui Wang, Junwen Zhang, Xiuru Li, Meng Zhang, Penghao Wang


In the era of intelligent systems, the safety and reliability of software have received more attention. Software reliability testing is a significant method to ensure reliability, safety and quality of software. The intelligent software technology has not only offered new opportunities but also posed challenges to software reliability technology. The focus of this paper is to explore the software reliability testing technology under the impact of intelligent software technology. In this study, the basic theories of traditional software and intelligent software reliability testing were investigated via related previous works, and a general software reliability testing framework was established. Then, the technologies of software reliability testing were analyzed, including reliability modeling, test case generation, reliability evaluation, testing criteria and testing methods. Finally, the challenges and opportunities of software reliability testing technology were discussed at the end of this paper.


software reliability, intelligent software, test framework, test methods, evaluation methods

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