A Hybrid Approach for Clustering Uncertain Time Series

Ruizhe Ma, Xiaoping Zhu, Li Yan


Information uncertainty extensively exists in the real-world applications, and uncertain data process and analysis have been a crucial issue in the area of data and knowledge engineering. In this paper, we concentrate on uncertain time series data clustering, in which the uncertain values at time points are represented by probability density function. We propose a hybrid clustering approach for uncertain time series. Our clustering approach first partitions the uncertain time series data into a set of micro-clusters and then merges the micro-clusters following the idea of hierarchical clustering. We evaluate our approach with experiments. The experimental results show that, compared with the traditional UK-means clustering algorithm, the Adjusted Rand Index (ARI) of our clustering results have an obviously higher accuracy. In addition, the time efficiency of our clustering approach is significantly improved.


Uncertain time series; UK-Means clustering; DTW with limited width; Hierarchical clustering; ARI

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