Privacy Preserving Location-Based Client-Server Service Using Standard Cryptosystem

Adebukola Onashoga, Adesina Sodiya, Idowu Osinuga


Location-Based Mobile Services (LBMS) is rapidly gaining ground and becoming increasingly popular, because of the variety of efficient and personalized services it offers. However, if users are not guaranteed their privacy and there is no assurance of genuineness of server's response, the use of these services would be rendered useless and could deter its growth in mobile computing. This paper aims to provide confidentiality and integrity for communication that occurs between users and location service providers. A practical system that guarantees a user's privacy and integrity of server's response, using a cryptographic scheme with no trusted intermediary, is provided. This scheme also employs the use of symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms to ensure secure message and key transfer. In order to overcome the problem of computational complexities with these algorithms, AES-256 is used to encrypt the message and user's location. Several researches have been done in this category but there is still no system that checks the integrity of server's response. The proposed scheme is resistant to a range of susceptible attacks, because it provides a detailed security analysis and, when compared with related work, shows that it can actually guarantee privacy and integrity with faster average response time and higher throughput in LBMS.


cryptography, message authentication, integrity

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