An Improved Dynamic Load Balancing Routing Protocol Based on Mesh Network

Lu Yan, Ding Xiong


An improved dynamic load balancing routing protocol is proposed based on mesh networks. A cost-effective integrated link state routing algorithm is designed in this protocol, and the mechanism of real-time monitoring and adjustment is adopted in this algorithm for the link state. The source nodes with routing redundancy are notified actively, and the secondary routing is used or focused when the link changes greatly. Moreover, a real-time backoff algorithm is proposed in this protocol. The network fairness problem is solved when the multi-path task and the single-path task compete for the link. The simulation results show that the proposed protocol can effectively avoid the congestion of network nodes. Better dynamic load balancing effect can be achieved, and the utilization of network resources is improved.


load balancing, link-state, multi-path routing, wireless mesh network, metric

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