New Path Based Index Structure for Processing CAS Queries over XML Database

Dhanalekshmi Gopinathan, Krishna Asawa


Querying nested data has become one of the most challenging issues for retrieving desired information from the Web. Today diverse applications generate a tremendous amount of data in different formats. These data and information exchanged on the Web are commonly expressed as nested representation such as XML, JSON, etc. Unlike the traditional database system, they don't have a rigid schema. In general, the nested data is managed by storing data and its structures separately which significantly reduces the performance of data retrieving. Ensuring efficiency of processing queries which locates the exact positions of the elements has become a big challenging issue. There are different indexing structures which have been proposed in the literature to improve the performance of the query processing on the nested structure. Most of the past researches on nested structure concentrate on the structure alone. This paper proposes new index structure which combines siblings of the terminal nodes as one path which efficiently processes twig queries with less number of lookups and joins. The proposed approach is compared with some of the existing approaches. The results also show that they are processed with better performance compared to the existing ones.


XML, query processing, CAS query, WWW, index, XPath, database storage

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