Decentralized H∞ Control of Interconnected Systems with Time-varying Delays

Amal Zouhri, Ismail Boumhidi


This paper focuses on the problem of delay dependent stability/stabilization of interconnected systems with time-varying delays. The approach is based on a new Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional. A decentralized delay-dependent stability analysis is performed to characterize linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) based on the conditions under which every local subsystem of the linear interconnected delay system is asymptotically stable. Then we design a decentralized state-feedback stabilization scheme such that the family of closedloop feedback subsystems enjoys the delay-dependent asymptotic stability for each subsystem. The decentralized feedback gains are determined by convex optimization over LMIs. All the developed results are tested on a representative example and compared with some recent previous ones.


Interconnected systems, Decentralized stabilization, Delays-dependent stability, Lyapunov methods, Time delays, Linear matrix inequalities (LMIs).

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