OPEN: Optimized Path Planning Algorithm with Energy Efficiency and Extending Network - Lifetime in WSN

Syed Bilal Hussain Shah, Zhe Chen, Fuliang Yin


In Wireless Sensors Networks (WSNs), researcher’s main focus is on energy preservation and prolonging network lifetime. More energy resources are required in case of remote applications of WSNs, where some of the nodes die early that shorten the lifetime and decrease the stability of the network. It is mainly caused due to the non-optimal Cluster Heads (CHs) selection based on single criterion and uneven distribution of energy. We propose a new clustering protocol for both homogeneous and heterogeneous environments, named as Optimized Path planning algorithm with Energy efficiency and Extending Network lifetime in WSN (OPEN). In the proposed protocol, timer value concept is used for CH selection based on multiple criteria. Simulation results prove that OPEN performs better than the existing protocols in terms of the network lifetime, throughput and stability. The results explicitly explain the cluster head selection of OPEN protocol and efficient solution of uneven energy distribution problem.


path planning algorithm, sleep, awake, routing, network lifetimes

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