Vesna Lužar-Stiffler, Robert Manger


We are pleased to introduce to you a selection of papers (out of 100+) originally published in the ITI (Information Technology Interfaces) 2004 Conference Proceedings. As usual, in our paper selection process we tried to satisfy two criteria: to publish the papers that received high ratings from both international referees, and, in the spirit of “interfaces”, to cover most of the ITI topical areas. Out of the 13 broad Conference topics, 10 are represented by at least one paper. We hope that the thirteen papers we finally chose to publish will give you the flavor of this year’s intra and interdisciplinary communication and ICT interfacing that took place in Cavtat/Dubrovnik this year, and that they will make you interested and curious enough to join us at ITI 2005.


editorial, CIT, ITI

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