Computer Simulation Modelling Using Hypercard

Grace Au, Ray J. Paul


Discrete event simulation modelling mimics a real world problem numerically in order that real world alternatives can be tested and evaluated. Such problems are often ill-defined, since their complexity is usually the source of the problem itself. There is a need, in such~tases, for a flexible method of model specification. This pape addresses the issue of providing a rapidly adaptable enviro ment for such modelling, so that the computer model can e easily, safely and quickly updated to meet current pro tern understanding. In particular, diagrammatic methods for expressing the model are discussed, and their implementation using HyperCard described. The research system developed is called HyperSim. Such a prototyping system enables rapid model development using either graphical or textual editing or both. This is illustrated using a popular simulation example. It is suggested that HyperSim should act as a front end to a complete simulation environment, and proposals to that end are outlined.

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