Pronominal and Anaphor Resolution

Nikitas N. Karanikolas


Chomsky's Binding ConditioJtS imply that each position of an antecedent of an anaphor cannot be a position for the antecedent of a pronominal. However, there have been examples in the literature where the above implication does not hold. A brief review of the linguistic background and the various definitions, relevant to this problem, given by other researchers is presented. Careful examination of these definitions leads to the conclusion that the problem can be resolved by considering two different definitions of the governing category, one for the governing category of a pronominal and one for the governing category of an anaphor. The definitions and rules selected are used to design computer algorithms. Using the Binding Conditions it is possible to find only the impossible antecedents in case of pronominals. Other algorithms which combine the information available from these conditions, in order to find the possible antecedents of any pronominal are also suggested.


natural language semantic interpretation, computational linguistics, anaphora resolution

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