A Framework for Improving Software Maintenance Efficiency

Hossein Saiedian, James Henderson


Software maintenance has emerged as a major effort within many software organizations. In this paper we review the facts on software maintenance, its unavoidability and associated cost. We analyze three primary types of maintenance, and search for a means of increasing software maintenance efficiency. We examine factors affecting a system's maintainability and see that significant improvements can be achieved by emphasizing preventative maintenance. A framework for implementing a preventative maintenance program based on the re-engineering of individual subroutines within a system is suggested. The suggested framework proposes criteria for selecting candidate subroutines whose reengineering will yield a high return on investment. The framework gives considerations for reengineering these candidates subroutine and discusses post-coding activities. Finally, we will briefly examine some potential areas for further study.


Maintenance Techniques, Preventative Maintenance, Maintenance efficiency factors, Reengineering

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