Using Hypertext to Implement Multiple Tutoring Strategies in an Intelligent Tutoring System for Music Learning

Marios C. Angelides, Amelia K. Y. Tong


Variation in tutoring strategies plays an important part in Intelligent Tutoring Systems. The potential for providing an adaptive Intelligent Tutoring System depends on having a range of tutoring strategies to select from. In order to react effectively to the student's needs, an Intelligent Tutoring System has to be able to choose intelligently among the strategies and determine which strategy is best for an individual student at a particular moment. This paper describes, through the discussion pertaining to the implementation of SONATA, a music theory tutoring system, how an Intelligent Tutoring System can be developed to support multiple tutoring strategies during the course of interaction. SONATA has been implemented using a hypertext tool, HyperCard II.1.


Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Tutoring Strategies, Music Learning, Hypertext

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