HETHI - Heterogeneous Hierarchical Knowledge Base

Slobodan Ribarić, Berislav Lastrić


The structure of a knowledge base designed by using an extension of the knowledge representation scheme KRP originally developed for the knowledge representation in computer vision systems, is presented in this paper. The HETHI - heterogeneous hierarchical knowledge base consists of one level of the Kanerva-like sparse distributed memory (SDM) and knowledge base designed by the KRP knowledge representation scheme based on the Petri Net theory. The lowest level of the HETH! implemented by Kanerva-like SDM performs associative retrieval information process and supports initialization of the inheritance process at the higher levels of the HETH!. Higher levels of the HETHI are semantic and rule-based levels. In this paper we discuss different reasoning procedures which are supported by the HETHI: "pure" associative infe rence or the so- called recall procedure which is performed only by means of the first level of the HETHI; inheritance procedure defined at semantic level, and finally, inheritance procedure based on the cooperation of the associative recall and inheritance procedure defined at semantic level.


heterogeneous hierarchical knowledge base, sparse distributed memory (SDM)

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