Storage and Network Requirements of a Low-Cost Computer-Based Virtual Classroom

Paul Juell, Daniel Brekke, Ronald Vetter, John Wasson


In this paper we investigate the network and storage requirements of an v irtual classroom. The v irtual classroom replaces traditional class methodologies by using the computer as the sole instrument for all class activity. The instructor and the students each have a networked workstation in an X cluster that provides for the creation, modification, and distribution of presentations, note taking, capturing of presentation material, out-of-class reviewing of presentation material, and viewing of supplemental materials provided by the instructor (including selected readings, exams, and assignments).

We have designed and implemented a virtual classroom as a means of enhancing the teaching/learning process. The creation of this virtual classroom was accomplished by using only existing computing resources: SUN workstations, X tools, an Ethernet network, and UNIX operating system support. Network statistics were collected to determine how well existing networks can be utilized within this environment. We also observed the performance of the system in a realistic setting by using it to teach an Office Information Systems class at North Dakota State University.


virtual classroom, teaching/learning process

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