Analytical Approach in Solving Specific Queuing Theory Problem

Željko Dobrović


Problems from the area of queuing theory can be solved by different methods. If the problem is so simple, that it is possible to find the corresponding classic model of queuing theory, we can simply use the
existing expressions defining the main parameters of classic model. More complicated problems, which are not classic and look like real practical problems, need deeper analysis. There are two ways of solving them. One is simulation, which means statistical analysis of the results of a few times repeating simulation. If the real system we are trying to describe is so complex that it has a lot of possible states, simulation method can be used. Otherwise, if we are able, while solving a queuing problem, to make some presumptions not destroying the real picture of the problem, analytical method is recommended. In this work we present such analytical solution.


queuing theory, real system, simulation method, analytical method

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