Voxel-Based Similarity Measures for Medical Image Registration in Radiological Diagnosis and Image Guided Surgery

Thorsten M. Buzug, Jurgen Weese


Registration of images is a key technique for numerous medical applications from diagnosis to image guided therapy. In the present paper we focus on gray-value based registration methods. Of special interest is the so-called similarity measure which must be optimized. It is the intention of the paper to emphasize the fact that a successful registration requires a similarity measure that is carefully chosen with respect to the underlying medical application. Two single-modality examples are presented in the paper, i.e. the diagnostic tool of digital subtraction angiography and an intervention guidance under X-ray fluoroscopic control. We discuss new similarity measures, i.e. the class of one-dimensional hi stogram based measures and the pattern intensity, designed for these applications and compare them with frequently used measures like the cross-correlation function , cross-structure function and deterministic sign change criterion. It is demonstrated that the results obtained with the new measures are superior to the results obtained with the latter mentioned ones.


image registration, single modality, similarity measure, pattern intensity, energy, digital subtraction angiography, image guided surgery

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