4D Visualization of the Left Ventricle, Using a Rotating Ultrasound Probe During 4 Cardiac Cycles

C. Bonciu, C. Leger, G. Lamarque, R. Weber


A new type of external ultrasound probe is proposed to visualize dynamically the left-ventricular three-dimensional deformations. This probe acquires successive apical long axis cross sections by rotating continuously around its axis (one or two rotations per cardiac cycle). From the set of one hundred images obtained during only four consecutive heart beats the volume is reconstructed. In the present development phase, segmentation is performed manually, but supervised in order to guarantee a coherent set of contours. Experimental validations on regular cardiac cycles have been made on a patient fitted with pacemaker. The results obtained are promising.


Instrumentation technology, 4D ultrasound imaging, heart imaging, rotating probe

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