IMIS - An Intelligent Multimedia Interview System

Yanqing Duan, Phillip Burrell, Reino Heinanen


Expert systems have been widely used in many areas, but the traditional expert systems have been criticised for the poor user interface that has limited their capacities. Multimedia is a later developed technology which aims to present information with multiple media usage. The integration of these two technologies has received some attention and the advantages of their synthesis are evident. However, the technology merge is still in its early stage and no attempt has been made to use intelligent multimedia systems in computer-aided interviews. The aim of this research is to demonstrate the enhancement of expert systems with multimedia by developing an intelligent multimedia interview system (IMIS) for psychological assessment. A prototype system IMIS has been built. The system architecture of IMIS and its components are described. Issues associated with integrating expert systems and multimedia are discussed. The IMIS was evaluated and some interesting results emerged.


Expert Systems, Multimedia, Computer-aided Interview, Psychological Assessment

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