Analysis on the Performance of Server-less RFID Searching Protocol

Ping Huang, Haibing Mu, Fei Zeng


Radio frequency identification (RFID) has spread into many fields. Its security and privacy has received more and more attention. Based on traditional authentication protocols, some other branches related to practical applications have been introduced including server-less authentication and searching protocols. The server-less searching protocol is extended from server-less authentication protocol and both of them are executedwithout the support from the backend servers. Through analyzing some proposed protocols, we found that the probabilistic tracking attack is one of the major threats on the serverless RFID security protocols. The probability of being tracked and the cost on computation are related with the probability of the undesired tag’s response. Based on the analysis, a practical conclusion is given which can be used in most of the server-less RFID systems.


RFID, server-less, authentication, searching, security

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