Energy Efficiency and Throughput Optimization of Cognitive Relay Networks

Yaolian Song, Fan Zhang, Shao Yubin


In this paper, we investigate the energy efficiency and throughput optimization problem of cognitive relay networks. We propose to design sensing time and signal to noise ratio (SNR) to maximize the energy efficiency and throughput, since analytical and empirical studies have shown that sensing time and SNR are key factors for energy efficiency and throughput. We design a method that simultaneously considers the parameters of spectrum sensing time and SNR to optimize the energy efficiency of cognitive radio networks. Furthermore, we conduct deep experiments which show that there exists the optimal sensing time to maximize energy efficiency and throughput. In addition, optimal sensing time and optimal SNR can be jointly designed to maximize energy efficiency. Finally, we provide simulation results to show that energy efficiency of cognitive relay transmission scheme can be significantly improved compared with that of direct transmission scheme in cognitive radio networks.


energy efficiency, cognitive relay transmission, SNR, spectrum sensing time

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