Adaptive and Self Healing Routing for Mobile AdHoc Networks Using Cross Layer Design

S. Menaka, M. K. Jayanthi


The construction of reliable and stable routes in a mobile ad hoc network is one of the primary research issues in equipping each device to continuously maintain the information required to properly route traffic. Mobility of nodes often leads to link failures and hence requires route reconstruction to resume the communication between the nodes. The stability factor of a route can reduce the number of times the route is changed or reconstructed. This paper presents a novel idea for discovering a stable set of routes using the metrics from multiple layers rather than depending on network layer along with a finite set of parameters to qualify a link or connecting to a node. The link stability factor and link received signal strength are considered as the main metrics to qualify the stability of a route, derived from the physical and data link layer based on bit or packet error rate, retrieved from the soft output decoder. The simulation results based on the analysis of the proposed algorithm prove to be more efficient in terms of discovering stable routes, reducing frequent reconstruction of routes and hence improving the overall performance of the network.


mobility, link stability, cross layer metrics, received signal strength

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