An Extended Model for Multi-Criteria Software Component Allocation on a Heterogeneous Embedded Platform

Ivan Švogor, Ivica Crnkovic, Neven Vrcek


A recent development of heterogeneous platforms (i.e. those containing different types of computational units such as multicore CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs) has enabled significant improvements in performance for real-time data processing. This potential, however, is still not fully utilized due to the lack of methods for optimal configuration of software; the allocation of different software components to different computational unit types is crucial for getting the maximal utilization of the platform, but for more complex systems it is difficult to find ad-hoc a good enough or the best configuration. With respect to system and user defined constraints, in this paper we are applying analytical hierarchical process and a genetic algorithm to find feasible, locally optimal solution for allocating software components to computational units.


software, component, allocation, genetic algorithm, AHP, optimization, model, multi-criteria, embedded system

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