Evaluating Profitability Based on Integrated Method: A Case Study of Chinese Listed Airlines and Airports

Zhi-yuan Li, Chong Wu, Xin-ying Zhang, Yujin Li


Due to the fact that the development of Chinese aviation industry has slowed down since the world financial crisis in 2008, how to evaluate the airline profitability improvements has become a key issue. Many mathematical methods can be applied in comprehensive evaluations, but the different focal points of these methods and the choice of methods may lead to different evaluation results, even if they are based on the same data. Both the theory and methods to evaluate the profitability of the airlines need to be developed and improved. Therefore, in order to evaluate airlinemanagement and performance, this paper presents a new approach to evaluate the Chinese aviation industry and applies towards the evaluation of 12 listed airlines and airports in the Chinese Hushen stock market. This approach overcomes the one-sidedness of a single method and obtains more comprehensive, realistic and objective results.


profitability, Chinese listed airlines and airports, factor analysis, principal component analysis, gray evaluation

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.2498/cit.1002160

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