An Approach towards Balanced Energy Consumption in Hierarchical Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Networks

Plamen Z. Zahariev, Georgi V. Hristov, Ivanka D. Tsvetkova


In this paper we investigate the mechanisms for organization of the clusters in wireless sensor networks (WSN). After the short introduction to these systems we present the communication architecture and the energy dissipation model, which are used for the hierarchical cluster-based WSN. In the third section of the paper we analyze the current widely used process for organization of the clusters and we outline its main disadvantages. Later we present an approach for balanced consumption of the energy by the sensor motes, and then we propose a modification to this approach. In the next section we present and analyze the results of a series of simulation experiments, which we have conducted with the proposed approach, and then we compare these results with the ones obtained from the simulation experiments, which are conducted with the other presented approaches.


wireless sensor networks, balanced energy consumption, hierarchical organization

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