Asynchronous Messaging for OSGi

Arne Koschel, Irina Astrova, Marc Schaaf, Volker Ahlers, Stella Gatziu Grivas, Ahto Kalja


OSGi is a popular Java-based platform, which has its roots in the area of embedded systems. However, nowadays it is used more and more in enterprise systems. To fit this new application area, OSGi has recently been extended with the Remote Services specification. This specification enables distribution, which OSGi was previously lacking. However, the specification provides means for synchronous communication only and leaves out asynchronous communication. As an attempt to fill a gap in this field, we propose, implement and evaluate an approach for the integration of asynchronous messaging into OSGi.


OSGi, Event Admin (EA), asynchronous messaging, reliable message delivery, LightSabre

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