The Enrichment of BPMN Business Process Model with SBVR Business Vocabulary and Rules

Tomas Skersys, Lina Tutkute, Rimantas Butleris


Aspects of business process models' integration with structured business vocabularies & rules are analyzed in this paper. Despite the fact that business process (BP) modeling has its long-lasting traditions in various areas of application, this discipline remains in the constant process of improvement and issue-solving. The paper deals with one of such issues, namely, the existing gap between BP modeling and specification of business vocabularies & rules. In not dealt appropriately, this may lead to some issues while developing, reading and interpreting business models themselves, also to miscommunication issues within and among the organizations dependent on such models, and so on. The gap could be diminished by the means of integration of BP models with business vocabularies & rules, the paper presents some argumentation to back such statements. Later, basic principles of the approach for BPMN BP model integration with SBVR business vocabulary & rules are presented and briefly described in this paper.


business process, business process modeling, business vocabulary, business rule, SBVR, BPMN

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