Genetic Algorithm Aided Antenna Placement in 3D and Parameter Determination Considering Electromagnetic Field Pollution Constraints

Tomislav Rolich, Darko Grundler


This paper presents genetic algorithm based method for antenna placement in 3D space and parameter determination satisfying environmental electromagnetic field pollution constraints. The main goal is to find out antenna parameters (power, position in 3D, azimuth and elevation) in the area of interest so that electromagnetic field satisfies minimal electromagnetic field strength for service availability and, at the same time, be below prescribed limit in restricted subareas (people populated areas). The proposed method is validated with two real world antenna types and with seven different terrain configurations (various restricted areas). Besides finding the most optimal antenna parameters, the method finds “almost” optimal solutions which give certain freedom to choose alternative antenna position if optimal is not available. The investigation described here is extension of previous 2D research.


electromagnetic radiation, transmitter, genetic algorithms, MATLAB, optimization

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