Using Influence Nets in Financial Informatics: A Case Study of Pakistan

Sajjad Haider, Muhammad Shafqat, Shabih Haider


The paper presents an application of Influence Nets (INs) in the field of financial informatics. Influence Nets have primarily been used in war games to model effects based operations but, as shown in this paper, they can prove to be equally useful in other domains requiring decision making under uncertain situations. The primary advantage of INs lies in their ability to acquire knowledge from subject matter experts in problem domains that rely heavily on experts’ opinion. A sample case study from the fields of economics and finance is presented in this paper. The case study models the choices faced by a developing country to recover her economy which is going through a difficult phase due to global financial crisis, internal law and order situation and political instability.


influence nets, Bayesian networks, AI in finance, causal maps, financial informatics

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