Lightweight Agents, Intelligent Mobile Agent and RPC Schemes: A Comparative Analysis

Emmanuel A. Olajubu, Ganiyu A. Aderounmu, Anuoluwapo O. Ajayi


This paper presents the performance comparison of Lightweight Agents, Single Mobile Intelligent Agents and Remote Procedure Call which are tools for implementing communication in a distributed computing environment. Routing algorithms for each scheme is modeled based on TSP. The performance comparison among the three schemes is based on bandwidth overhead with retransmission, system throughput and system latency. The mathematical model for each performance metric is presented, from which mathematical model is derived for each scheme for comparison. The simulation results show that the LWAs has better performance than the other two schemes in terms of small bandwidth retransmission overhead, high system throughput and low system latency. The Bernoulli random variable is used to model the failure rate of the simulated network which is assumed to have probability of success p = 85% and the probability of failure q = 15%. The network availability is realized by multiplicative pseudorandom number generator during the simulation. The results of simulation are presented.


throughput, retransmission overhead, latency, Bernoulli random variable, distributed computing

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