A One-Time Server-Specific Password Authentication Scheme

Adebukola Onashoga, Adesina Sodiya, A. Afolorunso


Over the years, Password-based Authentication (PA) techniques have been the widely used security mechanism that serves as a first level defence against unauthorised access. However, it is paramount that existing PA techniques should be improved upon in order to adequately protect computer systems and networks from password attacks. This work presents a One-Time Server-Specific Password Authentication Scheme (OTSSPAS) for preventing password related attacks. In this work, two protocols known as Password Joggling Protocol (PJP) and Account Management Protocol (AMP) were developed and integrated with OTSSPAS. PJP involves the use of a Password Security Key (PSK) in order to dissuade adversaries from tapping the password. AMP provides an enhanced account management system by considering previous key activities of users in making account locking decision. OTSSPAS adoptsMD5 standard hashing technique for protection of passwords before transmit and storage. Microsoft Visual C# and ASP.Net programming languages were used to implement the design. The evaluation result truly shows that the scheme can prevent common password related attacks.


authentication, password joggling, account management, attacks, hashing

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.2498/cit.1001983

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